How to Convert 9mobile (Etisalat) Airtime to Cash in Minutes

If you have ever recharged more 9mobile airtime than you need, you will discover how difficult it is to convert it back to cash. 9mobile does not support that, and depending on the amount in question, you might need help to get a buyer for it. 

However, all hope is still there, as you can sell your excess 9mobile airtime for cash and get it delivered to your bank account. In this article, we’ll show you how to convert 9mobile airtime to cash using the AirtimeCash.NG app — the app for airtime to cash service.

How Converting 9mobile Airtime to Cash Work

Understanding how it works is important if you want to convert your 9mobile airtime to cash. As you already know, 9mobile does not support converting their airtime to cash — and no bank supports that. So are we at AirtimeCash.NG able to achieve it? 

You see, airtime is not a liquid asset you can sell anytime you want. You need someone that is ready to purchase it from you. AirtimeCash.NG acts as a middleman between airtime sellers and buyers without getting the two to interact. We’ll purchase the airtime from you, then look for a buyer afterward and sell it to them at a discount — and that is why you will have to discount it for us to be able to sell.

How to Sell 9mobile Airtime and Get Paid Instantly

This guide is specifically for those that want to convert 9mobile airtime to cash. If you have other networks to sell, you can check our article on how to convert all network airtime to cash. Below are the steps to convert your 9mobile airtime to cash with AirtimeCash.NG, the convert airtime to cash app.

  • Step 1: Create an Account with AirtimeCash.NG

For you to convert airtime to cash using AirtimeCash.NG app, you will need to register an account. Head over to the AirtimeCash.NG website to download and install the app. With the app installed, you can launch it and create an account. Ensure you fill in all necessary information and provide the correct information to prevent delays in getting your funds. 

  • Step 2: Check 9mobile Airtime to Cash Exchange Rate

Once your account has been created on the app, you can initiate the airtime to cash exchange. Click on the “Airtime to cash” icon. And once the interface opens, you are expected to choose 9mobile as the network and enter the amount of 9mobile airtime to convert. You will see the exchange rate of the airtime to cash and the amount we’ll send you. 

  • Step 3: Get Our 9mobile Phone Number and Confirm Your Account

It is expected you only move to this step if you are OK with the rate, as we won’t negotiate the rate after you must have sent it. Click on the proceed button, and you will be taken to the page where you will get out 9mobile phone number, and you’ll see your account number. Stay on this page and move to the next step to send the 9mobile airtime to us. 

  • Step 4: Transfer the 9mobile Airtime to Our Number

While still on the page where the phone number is still shown, transfer the 9mobile airtime to us — ensure you send the amount agreed. Sending airtime on 9mobile is easy. First-time users must change their default transfer PIN to be able to transfer airtime. To change the 9mobile default transfer PIN, dial *247*0000*NEWPIN# changing the NEWPIN variable to a 4-digit PIN to use as your transfer PIN. If you had changed it before but forgot your PIN, read our article on how to retrieve/reset your transfer PIN on 9mobile. 

To transfer the airtime to our number, dial the following USSD Code — *223*PIN*AMOUNT# changing the PIN and amount to your transfer PIN and amount you want to convert, respectively. You’ll get a notification if the transfer is successful.

  • Step 5: Confirm Transfer and Wait for Cash

After the airtime transfer has gone through, you can return to your app and click the Confirmed button. The next thing you can do is to wait — but not for long, as our system is automated, and you will get your cash sent immediately. If you didn’t get your fund after some time, there is something wrong, and you should contact us immediately for us to look into it since our system has been developed to be instant.

FAQs for Converting 9mobile Airtime to Cash in Nigeria

  • Can I Convert 9mobile Airtime to Cash?

Yes, you can convert 9mobile airtime to cash in Nigeria using the AirtimeCash.NG app. All you have to do is create an account, initiate airtime to cash conversion, select your network, and enter the amount. If you are OK with the exchange rate displayed, you can proceed to transfer the amount to our 9mobile number displayed on the screen. We’ll confirm receipt and send your money immediately.

  • Why Can’t You Convert 9mobile Airtime to Cash without Charges?

We do not purchase 9mobile airtime from you to use ourselves, we purchase so we can sell. And airtime do not retain their actual value after they have been recharged. You will need to give buyers a discount to get them to want to purchase from you. While you are giving the final buyer a discount, we also need to take a little for risking and tieing down our money while looking for the buy. This is normal with all forms of exchange.


The old days of finding it difficult to change your 9mobile airtime to cash are over. With the use of airtime to cash apps like AirtimeCash.NG app, you can convert your airtime to cash without any delay. If you have got 9mobile airtime to see, then you do not need to delay as we have got funds to purchase it. Now, download our Airtime to Cash app (AirimeCash.NG) to get started. 


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