How to Convert Airtel Airtime to Cash in Minutes

Are you looking for how to convert Airtel airtime to cash? Maybe you mistakenly recharged more Airtel airtime than you need or you have excess airtime and you need to sell some for cash. Whichever is the case, this article has been written for you. 

With the guide here, you’ll learn how to convert your Airtel airtime to cash and instantly get paid. What makes this possible is the convert airtime to cash app developed by AirtimeCash.NG

How Converting Airtel Airtime to Cash Work

Airtel does not support airtime conversion to cash. So how would you pull this through? You’ll need to transfer your Airtel Airtime to someone else that needs it and get cash from that person. You’ll agree that this is not always easy as not many people will be ready to purchase N5000 worth of Airtel airtime. 

That’s where AirtimeCash.NG comes in. AirtimeCash.NG is an airtime-to-cash converter app. We purchase airtime from you at a lower price, so we can’t sell to those that need airtime at discount prices. And the result? An exchange-based system that results in instance settlement. You send us the Airtel airtime, we pay you immediately, then look for a buyer afterward.

How to Sell Airtel Airtime and Get Paid Instantly 

Now to the main business of the article — how to convert Airtel airtime to cash and get paid immediately. You’ll be shown how to get this done using the AirtimeCash.NG app, the airtime to cash converter app. Below are the steps to follow.

  • Step 1: Create an Account with AirtimeCash.NG

Before you use the AirtimeCash.NG app, you’ll need to create an account. Visit the homepage of this website and click on the download button. From there, download and create an account. In some special cases, you’ll be expected to do a KYC. But this is in some cases and depends on the amount of airtime you want to sell. Most users will not have to do KYC to convert their Airtel airtime to cash. 

  • Step 2: Check Airtel Airtime to Cash Exchange Rate

You’ll have to click on the airtime to cash button in the app to do this. This will take you to an interface where you’re asked to select your network— choose Airtel. You’re then taken to a page where you’ll see our rate. You wouldn’t get the same cash as the Airtel airtime worth. We take 30% so we can sell the airtime at a discount, thereby ensuring the longevity of the system. Use the airtime to cash exchange calculator to check how much we’ll send you. 

  • Step 3: Get Our Airtel Phone Number and Confirm Your Account

Only proceed to this point if you’re OK with our rate. You’ll also be greeted with our Airtel Phone Number on the screen with your account number. This is the most important step, as missing anything here will result in losing your airtime or money. Make sure your account number here is correct, and do not miss any digit in the phone number, as doing so will miss sending the airtime to the wrong person, and you can be sure we won’t be liable for that.

  • Step 4: Transfer the Airtel Airtime to the Specified Phone Number 

You can proceed to transfer the amount you entered into the exchange calculator. The process to transfer airtime on Airtel is quite simple. If you haven’t done a transfer before with your number, you’ll have to change the default Airtel Transfer PIN first. To do this, send an SMS to 432 with the content “0000 NEWPIN” replacing NEWPIN with your new transfer PIN. 

If you have forgotten your PIN, read our article on retrieving your forgotten Airtel Transfer PIN. To send the Airtel airtime to our phone number, use this USSD code — 432*AIRTELNUMBER*AMOUNT#. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS if successful. 

  • Step 5: Confirm the Transfer and Wait for Your Money to Arrive

With the above done, you only need to confirm the airtime transfer from the app. Our airtime to cash converter app will automatically confirm your transfer and immediately send the cash to your account. All processes are automatically carried out to remove delays. In case of any delay, you can contact us to get things sorted out. But you can be assured our Airtel airtime to cash system is fast and reliable.

FAQs for Converting Airtel Airtime to Cash in Nigeria 

  • What is the Best App to Convert Airtel Airtime to Cash?

AirtimeCash.NG is the best app for converting airtime to cash and does support the 4 popular networks — MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile. This app allows you to convert your Airtel airtime to cash and get paid in minutes securely and reliably, provided your transfer came through. 

  • Why Do You Charge for Airtel Airtime to Cash Conversation?

Airtime already recharged is not meant to be sold; only some people are ready to pay for it. For people to purchase it, there needs to be an incentive, and giving them a discount is the best way to go. We charge 30% and give a larger share of it to our airtime buyers while we keep a smaller percentage for our day-to-day runnings.


From the above, it is possible to convert your Airtel airtime to cash and get paid instantly with no delays. Why not visit the AirtimeCash.NG app now to sell your Airtel airtime for cash. You have the Airtel airtime, we have the money to pay for it and the time to wait until we get a buyer. Let’s get started now. 

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