How to Convert Airtime to Cash in Minutes [Airtime Selling Guide]

Airtime is one of the most illiquid assets. You can buy airtime with money, but that airtime can’t be sold for cash. We want to change that narrative. If you have excess airtime, you want to convert it to cash, then be my guess in this article. 

You can exchange your excess airtime for cash using our airtime to cash converter app. We support the 4 major mobile Network Operators — MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile. Read this article to learn how to convert airtime to cash in your bank account.

What is an Airtime to Cash Converter App?

An airtime to cash converter app is an application that has been developed to help Nigerians convert their airtime to cash. AirtimeCash.NG app is an airtime-to-cash converting application. It creates liquidity for airtime, making it a sellable asset.

This makes it possible for you to sell your airtime anytime and get the cash paid instantly into your Nigerian bank account. Currently, we charge 30% for every airtime amount exchanged for cash. 

How to Sell Airtime to Cash Online with AirtimeCash.NG

The steps to follow in other to convert your airtime to cash is pretty straightforward if you use our airtime-to-cash converter — AirtimeCash.NG. Follow the steps below to learn how to convert airtime to cash in your bank account.

  • Step1: Create an Account with AirtimeCash.NG

Visit www.AirtimeCash.NG and create an account. You’re expected to provide your account number, which should correspond with the name you use for registration. You might be requested to go through our KYC process in special cases. This is nothing personal — just done to sanitize our community and keep the bad guys away.

  • Step 2: Check the Exchange Rate of Airtime to Cash

I mentioned above that the rate is 30%. Well, that’s just the average, as it varies based on demand. MTN N1000 could be N800 (fee: 20%), but 9Mobile will be N500 for N1000 — it all depends on our available demand and supply. But you can be assured, we aren’t reaping you. It can be difficult to sell transferable airtime. 

We are taking a huge risk that ties down our fund. we are not even keeping this fee in full, we share a larger chunk of it with our airtime buyers. And that is how the airtime to cash conversion is possible.

  • Step 3: Get Our Phone Number and Confirm Your Account Number 

Now to the most important step in how to convert airtime to cash. If you miss anything in this step, you’ll likely either lose your airtime/cash or get delayed in receiving your cash. First, you need to specify your network (MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile), and then we’ll provide you with a phone number to transfer the airtime. 

It is also at this stage that you provide your account number. Please, the name on the account must tally with the name you used for registration.

  • Step 4: Transfer Airtime to the Specific Phone Number

The steps to send airtime vary by network. We understand this, and for organizational sake, we wrote this into separate articles to keep this page decluttered. 

  1. How to Transfer MTN Airtime

  2. How to Transfer Airtel Airtime 

  3. How to Transfer Glo Airtime 

  4. How to Transfer 9Mobile Airtime

You should read how to get it done for your specific network. Please, cross-check and make sure you send the airtime to the specified number. We won’t be responsible if you miss a digit and send it to the wrong number. We advise you to avoid saving our phone number as we have multiple numbers. 

So, you only send to the phone number you’re asked to at the time — doing otherwise will lead to a waste of time, and you wouldn’t get your money instantly.

  • Step 5: Wait for Your Money to Arrive in Your Bank Account

If your transfer was successful, you’ve exchanged your airtime for cash. And you’ll get the money instantly sent into your bank account. The airtime to cash app is automatic; if there’s no network delay from your end and ours, then the process is as fast as you can imagine.

FAQ for How to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria

  • Can I Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria?

Yes, you can convert airtime to cash in Nigeria online. All you need is someone ready to buy the airtime. We know how difficult it can be, and for this reason, we take the burden. We at AirtimeCash.NG will instantly buy your airtime and send the money into your bank account.

  • Where Can I Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria?

The best place to convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria is AirtimeCash.NG. We are an airtime-to-cash converter service ready to take on the risk and burden. And in the process, we take a fee which we end up sharing with whoever buys the airtime from us. But you get credited instantly — leave the burden of getting the buyers for us.

  • What Airtime Network Can I Sell for Cash?

Here on AirtimeCash.NG, you can sell your MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile airtime with us. While we support these 4 networks, MTN is the most demanded airtime; as such, it is the one you can be guaranteed we’ll purchase anytime, any day. For the others, there will be periods we don’t have the demand and, as such, won’t need it. Except, of course, if you’re ready to sell at a cheap rate enough for us to overlook the waiting time.

  • Can I Transfer Airtime to My Bank Account?

No, you can’t transfer airtime to tor bank account directly. You’ll need an exchanger to do that for you. How it works is simple. If you use us, you send us the airtime, we send you the money while taking a cut from it. Currently, there is no direct method, you’ll have to use an exchanger like us.


The steps on how to convert airtime to cash described above are straightforward. It is important you know that we do not accept airtime lower than N1000. And wouldn’t accept more than N50,000 from a user per day. I am sure you have airtime, and we have the money to pay you — visit www.AirtimeCash.NG now to get started with our online airtime-to-cash converter.

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