How to Convert Glo Airtime to Cash in Minutes

For you to be on this page, I bet you are having problem converting your Glo airtime to cash. You are not alone, Glo airtime to cash conversion is one thing a good number of Glo subscribers are having problems. This is because Glo does not support such conversion. 

However, this does not mean it can’t be done. In this article, you’ll be shown how to convert Glo airtime to cash straight to your bank account in minutes — all thanks to AirtimeCash.NG, the airtime to cash app.

How Converting Glo Airtime to Cash Work

Glo airtime to cash conversion requires someone that is interested in purchasing the Glo airtime. When you have a few hundred Glo airtime, finding someone to sale to wouldn’t be an issue. But when you mistakenly purchase Glo airtime worth thousands of Naira, then it becomes difficult to get someone to purchase that from you. And that is where AirtimeCash.NG comes in — we can purchase your Glo airtime and pay you in minutes. 

The airtime-to-cash converting app will purchase your Glo airtime at a good rate in other to make it easy to sell to those that need airtime at discount prices. With this, it is able to convert airtime into a liquid tradable asset. 

How to Sell Glo Airtime and Get Paid Instantly

In the past, we have published an article on how to convert airtime to cash for all networks. In this article, we will stay specific — how to convert Glo airtime to cash and get paid in minutes. Follow the steps below to convert your Glo airtime to cash using the AirtimeCash.NG app. 

  • Step 1: Create an Account with AirtimeCash.NG

You need to be registered member of AirtimeCash.NG in other to exchange your Glo airtime with cash. Head over to the AirtimeCash.NG website to download the AirtimeCash.NG app for airtime to  cash conversion. Install the app and then create an account. The step is easy for most people. Only a few people will be required to go through our KYC process. 

  • Step 2: Check Glo Airtime to Cash Exchange Rate

It is important you know that the way airtime to cash exchange works requires you as the airtime seller to sell the airtime to us on a discount. This is to enable us get sell it to our customers also at a discount. The rate varies. Once you click on the “Airtime to “Cash” button, you will be taken to the airtime to cash exchange calculator. You are expected to choose Glo as you network and then enter the amount of the airtime you want to sell. You will see the rate and the amount we’ll send to you. 

  • Step 3: Get Our Glo Phone Number and Confirm your Account

If you are OK with the rate displayed from the step above, you can then move to the transfer page by clicking on the button. Open this page, you will see our Glo Phone Number and your account number presented there. The goal here is for you to get the phone number to send the Glo airtime to and make sure the account number is your correct number. Do not click on the “Airtime Sent” button yet. Go to the next step first.

  • Step 4: Transfer the Glo Airtime to the  Number

The process of Transferring Glo airtime is quite easy. If you haven’t sent airtime to anyone before, you will need to change the default PIN first which is — 00000. Dial this USSD code — *131*00000*NEWPIN*NEWPIN#. You will receive a confirmation message. If you have done transfer in the past but forgot your PIN, read our article on how to retrieve/reset Glo transfer PIN.

To transfer airtime to us, use the Glo transfer USSD code — *131*PHONE_NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN# If he transfer succeed, you will get a notification to that effect.

  • Step 5: Confirm Transfer and Wait for Cash

With the transfer done, you can now confirm the transfer by clicking on the confirm button. Once this is done, we will immediately process your transfer and send your money to your account. The whole process from our end is automated. However, in the case of delay, you can be sure there a problem with network. So, you can chat us up and we’ll look into it immediately.

FAQs for Converting Glo Airtime to Cash in Nigeria

  • How Do I Convert Glo Airtime to Cash?

To convert Glo airtime to cash, send your Glo airtime to us at AirtimeCash.NG using the AirtimeCash.NG app and we will send you it worth as agreed I respect to the exchange rate to your account instantly. This is the best you can get and we are not sending the exact amount as we’ll have to sell it at a discount to get someone to purchase from us. 

  • Is the Payment to My Account Immediate?

We operate on an automated basis. So, payment is instant and you can get it immediately in your bank account. The only reasons you will not get the money delivered to you immediate is if there is delay in the airtime getting to us or there’s a delay from our bank. Aside these two reasons, settlement is automated and you can be sure you will get your fund in minutes.


Looking at the above, you can see that your excess airtime isn’t going to be a waste. We are here to purchase them from you at a reasonable rate. If you have got Glo airtime to sale, we have got the fund to purchase from you and pay you in minutes. Download the AirtimeCash.NG app now to convert your Glo airtime to cash now. 


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