How to Convert MTN Airtime to Cash in Minutes

Did you just recharge your MTN line more than you wanted to? Or someone gifted you MTN airtime, and you need to flip it for cash? Whichever the case is, we are here for you. Airtimes in Nigeria are not meant to be sold for money. 

But here at AirtimeCash.NG, we have been able to make them sellable. We are an airtime-to-cash converting app. With us, you can convert your MTN airtime to cash and get paid instantly.

How Converting MTN Airtime to Cash Work

The working model of converting MTN airtime to cash is simple. It is based on the MTN Share (formerly MTN Share ‘N’ Sell). MTN Share is the name of the MTN service that allows MTN users to share MTN airtime among themselves. This is popularly known as MTN airtime transfer. 

You’ll need to transfer your MTN airtime; in return, the person you transfer airtime will pay you. You’ll agree that you do not get people who constantly want to purchase airtime from you. And that is why AirtimeCash.NG was introduced. We serve as the service that is always ready to purchase your MTN airtime from you and pay you in cash straight into your bank account. 

How to Sell MTN Airtime and Get Paid Instantly

Converting your MTN airtime to cash in Nigeria is straightforward, as described above. You get a buyer and transfer it to him/her. Online, we’re one of the credible buys. Follow the steps mentioned below to get that done now.

  • Step 1. Create an Account with AirtimeCash.NG

In other for you to carry out any form of transaction on our platform, you’ll need to register an account. Do not worry, the process is straightforward. And for most users, there’s no need even to do KYC. KYC will come in only for users interested in doing large transactions. For this, we’ll be the ones to reach out to you personally.

  • Step 2: Check MTN Airtime to Cash Exchange Rate

Frankly speaking, you wouldn’t get the airtime value you sold. N1000 airtime can’t be N1000 as we need to price it less to get a buyer and then take a little profit. The average rate we charge is 30%. If you transfer N1000 MTN airtime to us, you’ll get N700 credited into your bank account. This will enable us to sell the airtime at a discount.  And we keep a part of it for the smooth running of the airtime to cash app, which makes it possible for you to sell the MTN Airtime in the first place.

  • Step 3: Get Our MTN Phone Number and Confirm Your Account Number

Usually, if you use the MTN Airtime to Cash Exchange Rate Calculator, you will see a proceed button to continue with the Airtime to Cash conversion process. You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see the MTN Phone Number you’re expected to make the transfer to. You’ll always see your account number, the one we should send the money to. You can change it, but it must be an account in your name.

This step is key as sending the MTN Airtime Credit to a different number will mean losing your airtime. And we won’t be liable for that. Ensure you also give us the correct account number to prevent lost funds and/or wasted time.

  • Step 4: Transfer the MTN Airtime to the Specified Phone Number 

This method is straightforward. First-time users are required to change the default PIN. MTN default transfer PIN is 0000. To change this, send this USSD code — *321*0000*New PIN* New PIN#. If you lost your transfer PIN or forgot it, you can read our article on how to retrieve or reset your MTN transfer PIN for more information on how to get it back.

To transfer MTN credit, use this USSD code — *321*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#. If the airtime transfer succeeds, you’ll get an SMS confirming that. You can then click on the “Airtime Sent” button.

  • Step 5: Wait for Your Money to Arrive in Your Bank Account

The MTN airtime to cash app is automated. This means your airtime transfer is automatically confirmed, after which we immediately send your fund to the account number you confirmed earlier. If any delay is experienced, it will have to be a network delay either in receiving the airtime or from the banking system. If you’ve waited long enough, you can chat with us on the contact you see on the app. And we’ll respond to you ASAP.

FAQs for Convert MTN Airtime to Cash in Nigeria

  • How Do I Convert MTN Airtime to Cash?

You can convert your airtime for MTN to cash by simply looking for a buyer. We have created a system where we buy and sell MTN recharge cards already loaded. All you need is to transfer the airtime to us and then get your money with the charges deducted by us.

  • Can MTN Airtime Purchase be Reversed?

No, all Airtime purchase from MTN is final. No Mobile Network Operator supports reversing money after purchase. If you mistakenly recharge more than you should, then the only option is to sell the airtime. There are a few vendors out there that will buy from you. And the AirtimeCash.NG app is our service for that. You can use AirtimeCash.NG to convert your MTN airtime to cash.

  • Why Will You Charge Me for Airtime to Cash Service?

Airtime is not a liquid asset. You must be ready to lose a sizable amount on it to sell it. This is because whoever will buy from you need a good reason for him to ditch his default method. And the only reason would be because it is cheap. By making it cheaper, we can attract buyers for your airtime, ensuring the system's continuity.


You didn’t get to this part of the article to go away. I know you have got MTN airtime to sell. We have got money to buy it from you. Head over to AirtimeCash.NG to use our airtime to cash app to convert your MTN credit to cash today. 

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