Chipper Cash Virtual Card Review

  I am writing this Chipper Cash Review, not as a reviewer, but as a user of the app. My first experience was when I used it to purchase a domain name on Namecheap on the 11th of December, 2022. Since then, I have gone ahead to make 16 payments worth $89.75 and have created 2 Chipper Cash virtual cards Over the years, I have known the pros and cons of Chipper Cash. I know what works and what does not – and can tell you the areas they need to improve. In this Chipper Cash app review, you will learn all you need to know about their virtual cards and dollar rates. What is Chipper Cash? Chipper Cash is a virtual card provider for cross-border payment. It does more as you can also use it to pay local bills, buy data/airtime, and fund your betting wallets. But its main use case is for making International payments where it provides you with virtual dollar cards. It offers its services in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and the United Kingdom. How Chipper Cash works is

How to Convert 9mobile (Etisalat) Airtime to Cash in Minutes

If you have ever recharged more 9mobile airtime than you need, you will discover how difficult it is to convert it back to cash. 9mobile does not support that, and depending on the amount in question, you might need help to get a buyer for it.  However, all hope is still there, as you can sell your excess 9mobile airtime for cash and get it delivered to your bank account. In this article, we’ll show you how to convert 9mobile airtime to cash using the AirtimeCash.NG app — the app for airtime to cash service . How Converting 9mobile Airtime to Cash Work Understanding how it works is important if you want to convert your 9mobile airtime to cash. As you already know, 9mobile does not support converting their airtime to cash — and no bank supports that. So are we at AirtimeCash.NG able to achieve it?  You see, airtime is not a liquid asset you can sell anytime you want. You need someone that is ready to purchase it from you. AirtimeCash.NG acts as a middleman between airtime sellers and bu

How to Convert Glo Airtime to Cash in Minutes

For you to be on this page, I bet you are having problem converting your Glo airtime to cash. You are not alone, Glo airtime to cash conversion is one thing a good number of Glo subscribers are having problems. This is because Glo does not support such conversion.  However, this does not mean it can’t be done. In this article, you’ll be shown how to convert Glo airtime to cash straight to your bank account in minutes — all thanks to AirtimeCash.NG, the airtime to cash app. How Converting Glo Airtime to Cash Work Glo airtime to cash conversion requires someone that is interested in purchasing the Glo airtime. When you have a few hundred Glo airtime, finding someone to sale to wouldn’t be an issue. But when you mistakenly purchase Glo airtime worth thousands of Naira, then it becomes difficult to get someone to purchase that from you. And that is where AirtimeCash.NG comes in — we can purchase your Glo airtime and pay you in minutes.  The airtime-to-cash converting app will purchas

How to Convert Airtel Airtime to Cash in Minutes

Are you looking for how to convert Airtel airtime to cash? Maybe you mistakenly recharged more Airtel airtime than you need or you have excess airtime and you need to sell some for cash. Whichever is the case, this article has been written for you.  With the guide here, you’ll learn how to convert your Airtel airtime to cash and instantly get paid. What makes this possible is the convert airtime to cash app developed by AirtimeCash.NG How Converting Airtel Airtime to Cash Work Airtel does not support airtime conversion to cash. So how would you pull this through? You’ll need to transfer your Airtel Airtime to someone else that needs it and get cash from that person. You’ll agree that this is not always easy as not many people will be ready to purchase N5000 worth of Airtel airtime.  That’s where AirtimeCash.NG comes in. AirtimeCash.NG is an airtime-to-cash converter app. We purchase airtime from you at a lower price, so we can’t sell to those that need airtime at discount prices. And

How to Convert MTN Airtime to Cash in Minutes

Did you just recharge your MTN line more than you wanted to? Or someone gifted you MTN airtime, and you need to flip it for cash? Whichever the case is, we are here for you. Airtimes in Nigeria are not meant to be sold for money.  But here at AirtimeCash.NG , we have been able to make them sellable. We are an airtime-to-cash converting app . With us, you can convert your MTN airtime to cash and get paid instantly. How Converting MTN Airtime to Cash Work The working model of converting MTN airtime to cash is simple. It is based on the MTN Share (formerly MTN Share ‘N’ Sell). MTN Share is the name of the MTN service that allows MTN users to share MTN airtime among themselves. This is popularly known as MTN airtime transfer.  You’ll need to transfer your MTN airtime; in return, the person you transfer airtime will pay you. You’ll agree that you do not get people who constantly want to purchase airtime from you. And that is why AirtimeCash.NG was introduced. We serve as the service that is

How to Convert Airtime to Cash in Minutes [Airtime Selling Guide]

Airtime is one of the most illiquid assets. You can buy airtime with money, but that airtime can’t be sold for cash. We want to change that narrative. If you have excess airtime, you want to convert it to cash, then be my guess in this article.  You can exchange your excess airtime for cash using our airtime to cash converter app. We support the 4 major mobile Network Operators — MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile. Read this article to learn how to convert airtime to cash in your bank account. What is an Airtime to Cash Converter App? An airtime to cash converter app is an application that has been developed to help Nigerians convert their airtime to cash. AirtimeCash.NG app is an airtime-to-cash converting application. It creates liquidity for airtime, making it a sellable asset. This makes it possible for you to sell your airtime anytime and get the cash paid instantly into your Nigerian bank account. Currently, we charge 30% for every airtime amount exchanged for cash.  How to Sell Airti